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Saturday & Sunday
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Who needs Doggie Daycamp?

If your dog could talk, he would say ME, ME! I DO!

Doggie Daycamp at Texas Doghouse is all day cage-free group play, where your pup will participate in organized activities, and have quality playtime with their buddies in a secure environment, while being supervised by one of our trained Pack Leaders. The dogs will run, play, and splash around in one of our doggie pools for hours, both indoors and outdoors, whichever they choose. Doggie Daycare offers an opportunity for dogs to benefit from social interaction while their owners are at work.




Then Doggie Dayamp may be the answer to your problems! We provide ALL DAY CAGE FREE PLAY in a secure and supervised environment.

Dogs that join us for Daycamp get to play in our spacious air conditioned inside playrooms or our outside play yard, featuring interactive activities such as group sits, wading pools, follow the leader and of course, getting loved on by humans called Pack Leaders. At TEXAS DOGHOUSE, your pups fun day might include dashing around, sniffing everything, taking a nap on one of the comfy chairs in the play area, sun bathing, socializing with buddies, and just plain being a dog!

Our playrooms are large and fluid. Our dogs play all day with the exception of nap time and meal times. Naptime is from 12pm-2 pm and is necessary to keep the dogs healthy and happy. Most of our dogs are used to 12+ hours of sleeping not 12+ hours of a very active daycare. Giving them a nap in the middle of the day, in their own safe space, allows them to get into a deep restorative sleep.

There is a garage door in the small dog area and a standard door in the large dog area that both have plastic air curtains to keep the place climate controlled and allow the dogs to go outside whenever they choose. We open the curtains every single day to create air flow. During nice weather the curtains stay open most of the day. During very hot or very cold weather they are opened at least twice a day just to ensure proper airflow. The dogs always have access to the outside as they can easily walk in and out of the curtains like a doggie door. We have three separate large HVAC units in addition to huge fans that blow air in and force air out. For very hot days, along with air conditioning we have four huge sail shades the outdoor play areas that we hang, along with a water misting system to keep the outdoor area cool and comfortable for all of the dogs. 

We strive to train your dog on how to better behave in doggie society and, even more importantly, HUMAN society. While it may sound silly, there are very specific techniques that we use that make our daycare special. Our staff is long term. We train our employees in the art of reading a dog. Every single staff member is required to not only know every single dog, every single day,-- they are also required to know their personalities and the idiosyncrasies that make them special.

As with a child’s daycare, routine is extremely important. The dogs know when things will happen and they are used to the handlers that are working with them. Our dogs are required to find and maintain their manners. We do not allow barking. Constant, excessive barking is not normal dog behavior. It is highly stressed and aroused behavior and is not conducive to calm and enriching play. Stressed dogs are more likely to develop colds. We do not allow jumping, mounting, rough play, body slamming or extreme chasing. As an example of the in-depth training we frequently do, the dogs allowed in the playgroups are screened and must be polite, or they are not allowed to play. Polite means not barking, snapping, biting or growling and coming when called. Not allowing them to play if they misbehave (separating them from the group and timeouts if they start barking) trains them to contain themselves the next time. It usually only takes a few times of losing their chance before they get with the program. 


Please note that we are very observant of dogs behavior and we will separate the play groups if needed based on size and energy levels of our campers that day. You might see a mix of Yorkies and old Labradors lounging in the sun or Retrievers, Beagles, Boxers and Goldendoodles zooming through the yard. Once your dog is registered and has met all the requirements, they can come and play with us 7 days a week.

The Benefits of Daycamp Include:

  • A full day of supervised and directed exercise and play
  • Dog socialization to build positive social behaviors and increase social skills
  • Less guilt for you (because most of us don't have the time to give our dogs all the exercise they need)
  • Less wear and tear on your house if you happen to have a destructive pup 



What people are saying about Texas Doghouse!

"I give Texas Doghouse Five Paws!!! I was so excited when I saw a doggie daycare/boarding place open right down the road from me. I started taking my "baby" there once a week so he can get some good exercise, and have some fun while I'm at work. The owners, Heather and David, are wonderful people that you can trust to give your dog a lot of love and care. They are very friendly and you can tell they are just HUGE dog lovers. Every time we leave, he is exhausted and it makes for a good cuddly evening with my doggy! My dog absolutely LOVES this place, and gets excited in parking lot...he even tries to jump over the door next to the front desk to get to the play rooms! I haven't had my dog stay overnight yet, but I sure won't hesitate to leave him there when I go out of town. Also, try the training classes - amazing!" ~Cooper's Mom; The Woodlands, TX 

"Texas Doghouse is WONDERFUL!!!! Heather and David, the owners, are very knowledgable, great with our puppy, and very accommodating and easy to work with. We have been going to the Texas Doghouse for almost a year now for daycamp and boarding. They always do a great job in caring for our puppy...even when we have sent him in with multiple medications. We never worry when we have to go out of town because we know Lucky is well taken care of and having a great time. Whenever we mention Texas Doghouse or David and Heather's names, Lucky gets so very excited because he can't wait to go and play! I would highly recommend Texas Doghouse and constantly do recommend them to my friends." ~Lucky's Mom; The Woodlands, TX

"I can't say enough great things about the Texas Doghouse! They have been so wonderful in working with our puppy. We have been clients of theirs for almost the entire year they've been in business. We have referred many friends to them because of their quality care for animals and especially their personal touch in working with families; EVERY ONE of them has been impressed and are repeat customers. We have utilized most of their services, including frequent day boarding, longer overnight boarding, as well as grooming services. They work closely with our vet and came highly recommended by him, as well. They have always gone out of their way to work with our family and are gentle and loving with our (rambunctious!!) doodle. Highly recommend!!" ~Honey's Mom; The Woodlands, TX


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